Hire a copywriter for your important content.  

An objective, well-informed writer can enhance your company’s or organization’s image with a few well-placed words or a slight reorganzation. She can handle a complete overhaul of existing materials or begin from a blank page. A professional copywriter can help you:

SAVE MONEY on marketing by honing

the communication.

MAKE MONEY with clear ideas, targeted words.

REDUCE ANXIETY over the amount of time

your writing efforts are taking from day-to-day

business activities.

Improve your internal and external communication.

• Ads • Articles • Blogs • Brochures • Bios

• Direct Mail • Emails • Fliers • Ghostwriting

• Letters • Memos • Newsletters • Narratives

• Press Releases • Profiles • Presentations • Radio

• Speeches • Tag Lines • Testimonials • Video

• Web Copy / Content and Web Reviews

• ALSO proofreading important correspondence

• AND editing of White Papers, books, eBooks,


Answer these important questions.

1. Does a blank sheet of paper scare you?
2. Do your sales materials produce a yawn?
3. Is your staff confused by your memos?
4. Know what to say, but can’t find the words?
5. Public speaking trigger an anxiety attack?
6. Trouble with grammar, punctuation, spelling?
7. “Wasting” your valuable time writing?

If so, smell the coffee, and let me percolate.

Read what others say about hiring a writer.

 “Why is Business Writing So Awful?”– Jason Fried,
co-founder of 37signals, a Chicago software company

“Make Your Next Hire a Writer” – Jocelyn Harmon,
Marketing for Nonprofits

“When you (business/nonprofit) write like everyone else and sound like everyone else and act like everyone else, you’re saying, ‘Our products are like everyone else’s, too.’  . . . So, hire a writer.”
– Jason Fried, business owner/author


So, you’ve written your own piece and need a second opinion. Maybe, you’d like a professional writer to help you with the structure and organization or with word choice? Perhaps, your sentences aren’t communicating clearly. Your tone-of-voice is a bit off. Or, you suspect the piece is too wordy. Are you taking too long to make your points? Whatever the concern, please, don’t worry.


Your internal writing project, requiring my help … My writing is customized to each client. The creative process begins with an in-depth interview where I take more notes than I will possibly need. However, this helps me to get a good sense of your character and voice, your expertise and passion for the topic, and your goals and expectations for the project.


Do you need to hire another pair of eyes to scrutinize an important document? Do you have a large project – perhaps, a manual, catalog, annual report – that needs a meticulous going-over by a professional who can spot a missing piece of punctuation or a double space? Are you simply too pressed for time to handle the proofing yourself. If so, call me. WHY?